Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Aunt Marilyn sent the boys these cute shirts a few months ago. I don't think she intended them to be their Easter shirts, but I DID!! The boys were so excited to wear their ties. Ethan said he looked like his long term sub teacher, Mr. Kurland! He loved it.
There was no Sunday School this morning, so they sat with us. I always bring "the red bag." It has colors and papers. They know that they have to wait until the preaching begins to color. After every song, Link said, "Is this the preach?" The Prices and Hills came over for a good ole Easter Egg Hunt and Easter lunch. The kids were in a foot race to get to the eggs until the parents told them that they had to wait for everyone.
The Easter bunny was serious about hiding his eggs this year.
He hid Ethan's money egg in a tree. The egg fell out and poor Ethan had to get his money off the ground!
I think Link enjoyed watching everything. I kept having to tell him to go find the eggs. He was just happy to be there!
Overall, I think everyone came out pretty well. All the baskets were full. Our bellies were full soon after!! Happy Easter to all!!!!

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