Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 White House Easter Egg Roll

We thought the Easter Egg Roll would be the perfect way to end our Spring Break!

This year we were so lucky to have Nate with us! About half way into the event, Nate says, "How did you do this by yourself last year?" WILLPOWER!!!!
All last week, Link asked if Curious George was Disney. He wanted to hug him last week. He got his wish today!
We started a game pretty close to the White House. About half way through the soccer game, the Obamas and Colbie Caillat came out. Last year, they didn't come out while we were there!
We were super lucky to see them this year. After they talked a few minutes, they went into the crowd to do some of the games.
We went back to playing.
Link needed a little help jumping over the hurdles.
We stopped at the egg hunt. The boys were allowed to find two eggs. Ethan finished in about two seconds.
I don't know what this crazy kid was doing. I think he was trying to get the big eggs.
We decided to walk to the food section. On the way, we stopped to watch Kelly Ripa and Al Roker for a few minutes.
As we were waiting, this lady walked up!! We were four rows back and totally not expecting her!
We watched her for a few minutes and walked over to get a pear and an apple for the boys. As we were stopping, she walked right by and she even shook my hand!!!
We ended the day with shade and pears!!! We have been so blessed during our time in DC!!!

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Kelly B said...

How COOL! Amazing, amazing....what a fun day. I'll bet you are glad Nate probably camped out all night (thought if I were wiser, I would have made it a 'girls camp out' in my day and left the guys at home w/the kiddos!). So worth it! I can't wait to see you all in AL. Hurry up summer :)