Friday, April 22, 2011


1. Complimentary hotel upgrade to a one-bed room villa!!! It was so fantastic being able to put the kids to bed and stay up to unwind!
2. One of the BIGGEST highlights was how much of a trooper these boys were. Ethan walked more than I could have ever imagined. Link had the best attitude the entire trip.
3. Watching the boys marvel at the castle and seeing all their favorite characters.
4. Their excitement doing their favorite rides. Here we are at Toy Story Mania. I have to admit Nate and I loved these rides, too!
5. The Jedi Academy was the biggest highlight!

6. Ethan's favorite park was Epcot. He loved the Test Track. On Wednesday, he made me stand in line for 70 minutes to ride it again. I have started calling it the torture track. It was a fun ride, but I did not think it was 70 minutes of waiting worth of fun!!! His smile and excitement when we were on the ride was great!
7. Lincoln loved "the Pirates of the Caravan." He bought a "Captain Long John Jack Sparrow" character to take home!!
8. Buzz and Woody were a huge hit! They had the two best rides, and we were able to see them a couple time throughout the week.
9. Mommy and Daddy LOVED Epcot for the food. We ate Chinese, Morroccan, and German food while we were there! We bought the dining plan, and it was more than we could have imagined.
Food was also a hit with the little guys! It became an awesome way to take a break and to also pacify them in the lines!
10. We saw a parade on the very last day! We watched the Pixar characters in Hollywood Studios. I was so glad we did this....even though the heat was bad!!!
We are home now! I even brought the kids back with us!!!!
We are all worn out!! BUT, in the end it was so amazing!

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Joanna Maloney said...

What amazing photos and fun recap! So glad you guys had fun. Welcome home!!