Monday, February 16, 2009

Pushing Buttons

Gosh...we have had a GREAT long weekend. It was just what we needed. If any one knows our little family, they know that there is a lot of button pushing for humor! One of our favorite buttons to push is with Ethan. At least once a day we tell him that he is getting salad for some meal. It drives him crazy, and we love to do it. Tonight was payback. Nate has had the biggest sweet tooth this week. He asked for Krispy Kreme. Our deal was donuts tonight and then no sweets for two weeks...I'll keep you informed how that goes. In the drive thru, Ethan tells Nate he wants a chocolate one and that he can order a salad donut for himself! It was great!!! He is getting more and more like his Daddy everyday!
This little fella is getting so big. He is understanding and communicating more and more. He has learned to say "man" and loves to carry any little man he can find around.

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