Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pavlov's kiddos

This morning, I got the camera out for our Sunday morning photo shoot. I asked Ethan to head to the toy room for his photo. He sat down and immediately Link followed behind. He sat beside E and said, "Cheese." Nate busted out laughing and said...they were like Pavlov's dog.
They even did some kissing shots. At the grocery store this afternoon, I noticed a lady smiling at them. I looked over and they were kissing each other. It has been a love weekend!

The funniest thing happened before we made it into the grocery store. Apparently Lincoln pooped on the way out of church. He needed a diaper change and Nate suggested we do this in the grocery store. Now if you are a mom you probably know that there is only 1 out of 10 Men's rooms that have a changing table. I guess they think men don't change diapers. So, I suggested that he do it in the back of the car. So, he crawled backed there and started changing Link. Link started squirming and Nate says, "I knew we should have done this in the grocery store." So, I tell him..."I am slicker than you Nate Leap....I know that there probably isn't a changing table in the Men's room." Ethan looks over at me and says, "Momma, it's not nice to call people Slicker."

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