Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lincoln Happenings

I have been trying to keep track of a few funny Lincoln conversations lately.  This first one has to do with this outfit!!  Both boys are growing out of their clothes like crazy!  On Sunday morning, I told him that I was going to pick out his church clothes to make sure they fit.  He ran to his closet and said he wanted to at least help.  I pulled out the plaid shirt and he said he wanted a t-shirt for underneath.  Then, he told me he wasn't going to button it up because he thought it would look COOL!  He was so proud of his outfit!

On another silly note, he was watching TV one day.  He yells to the kitchen, "Ethan, keep it down!  I can't hear the TV!!"  Ethan says, "SERIOUSLY, I am making YOUR lunch!"  Link says, "Oh!  Carry on!"

In the car one evening, Link says, "Ethan, we must not be buttheads!"  Ethan rolls his eyes and says, "Link!!!  It's we must not butt heads!!!!"

He has kept us laughing all summer!

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