Saturday, August 15, 2015

First Day of School

 The boys started Sixth Grade and Third Grade on Thursday.
 Nate took off and we took Ethan to school first.  He didn't want us to go with him, but I am so glad we did.  We got lost trying to find his class.  We were able to glance at his schedule and see what his typical day would look like.  I was able to leave with and not worry about him all day!  When he came home, he was all smiles!  He had a great day.
 Lincoln has two brand new teachers!  They were so friendly and sweet!  He wanted us to take him!  Ethan rides the bus to and from school.  His bus comes at 6:50!  CRAZY early!  Link has requested that I take him to school.  I get about an hour of Link time each morning and Ethan comes home about 45 minutes before Link, so I get some Ethan time in the afternoon.
This is Lincoln's second school and Ethan's fourth school.  I think it gets harder for me each move.  These two are so resilient though!  They are doing great!

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