Friday, August 7, 2015

Bass Pro Shop

What do you do when you are stir crazy from the heat and your body can't take another pool day?  You go to Bass Pro Shop!

 The guys were not too sure about this place when I was telling them about it.
 Their attitude changed as soon as they saw that they could shoot guns!
 We need to talk Daddy into taking us camping!  I think we found a  tent big enough?
 We definitely NEEDED this in Germany!

 The guys found a million things that they asked me to buy for them.  
These silly pillows were one of the things!
 They were zooming around the store so fast, so I told suggested a lunch break in the store.
 Ethan saw alligator and we all had to try it!
 We shared catfish, shrimp, and alligator!  Everything was so good!
 Lincoln saw this hat and told me to take a picture for Papa!  
We ended the trip with a few minutes of relaxing in the boats!
Overall, they were pleasantly surprised with Bass Pro Shop.  

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