Sunday, November 30, 2014

Budapest Christmas Market

 We did a bit of research before we headed out to the Vorosmarty Christmas Market regarding what food we HAD to try!  Thankfully, we arrived on an empty stomach!
 We did not mess around!  We started off with our chimney cakes!  
These were even bigger than the ones in the metro!

 Lincoln wanted to try vanilla and sugar this time.  It was good, but the cinnamon was still the best.
 We made a quick loop of the food and we were seriously overwhelmed!
 We did pass on the rooster testicle stew.
 We did try the sausage and potato pancakes!
 They put sour cream and smoked cheese on the pancake.  YES!  
 We also tried hot apple cider.

 Budapest has the best Christmas market food I have seen! 
They also had TONS of handmade gifts.  These were lavender packets.
 Glass flowers.
 This market started getting really crowded so we decided to walk to the 
market by the church we saw earlier.
 I am so glad we did because we ran into these at a market on the way!  A group of British ladies were so interested in our "crisps."  They even offered to take a picture for a chip!  When Nate said sure, they laughed and said NO!  We were kidding!  
 This market was big too, but not near as crowded.
 Ice skating!
 We were too full to try these, but they were flat bread with sour cream and cheese.  
They looked good!
Overall excellent Christmas Market!  Budapest may be my favorite one!  

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