Sunday, November 30, 2014

Budapest Thermal Baths

 We arrived in Budapest about 3:00 pm on Thanksgiving day.  It was very cold, so we decided to go to the famous thermal baths in Budapest that afternoon. 
We decided to go to the Szechenyi Baths. 
 One reason we chose here is because they require bathing suits!
 These baths have 15 indoor baths and three outdoor baths.  
 We hit ALMOST all of the indoor baths.  We passed on the 18 degree celsius one!  
We ended the evening by stopping at two of the outdoor pools!  
 We all had the best time.  The boys said this was their favorite part of our weekend.
We had chimney cakes (kurtoskalacs) at a festival in Germany a few years ago and we LOVE them.  They are all over the place in Hungary.  In fact, we ended the night getting one in the metro!

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