Thursday, November 20, 2014


Lincoln and I have been taking tennis lessons (not at the same time, but our levels are probably very similar)!  We recently moved to indoor courts.  The courts are located in the strangest place.  As you enter the building you are greeted by a very cranky old man behind a bar.....that serves beer and coffee.  To your immediate right is a room filled with exercise equipment.  To the rear left are the courts.  The courts were FREEZING today and our coach told us that the cranky man would turn the heat on if it dropped to zero.  He isn't the friendliest guy.   Another tennis player said, "But he gives the best chiropractic adjustments and massages."  So not only can you have a beer, run on the treadmill, play a round of tennis or badminton BUT you can have an adjustment and massage too!
**He enjoys tennis.  He was angry that I made him stop to take the picture!**

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