Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reims, France

We went to Reims, France this weekend.  It's in the Champagne region of France.

 We had a tour booked at a local Champagne House.  
We were early so we took a peek at the abbey up the street.
 Our tour was at Pommery Champagne House.

 We headed down to the 18 kilometers of caves for our tour.

 The tour lasted an hour and told us about how the champagne was bottled.  
 This particular champagne house had LOTS of modern art in the caves.
 This room/inlet held 65,340 bottles.  
Link asked how many bottles the champagne house had and she told him 2 million bottles. 
 These are the oldest bottles in the caves.
 The bottles were found on a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea.
 We had 6 glasses for a tasting.  
 Of course, our favorite was a 190 bottle of champagne!  We have good taste!
After our tour, we walked to Reim's Notre Dame.  
We also walked to the Museum of Surrender where the Germans signed the peace treaty.
The map room.  
 Of course, we stopped to get pastries! 
We had a great weekend!  Like usual, it was too short!

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