Thursday, May 8, 2014

Battle of the Books

Ethan woke up this morning and put on jeans and a nice polo (this picture is from this weekend).
I told him he looked very handsome.  He said, "Today is Battle of the Books.  It's at 9:00 if you want to come."  WHAT?  Today? Thanks for the heads up, buddy!   I had to work and was not able to make it, but his team won!  He was super excited!  We knew about Battle of the Books the first week of school.  The local schools have a big list of books and if the children read 10 books (I think it's 10), they are able to compete.  The kids that read at least ten books practice for the battle once a week at lunch.  In all honesty, he was not thrilled to read the books.  I really pushed him to participate.  Once the lunch practices started, he was excited!  His team's win today was all worth it!  I am super proud of him!

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