Thursday, May 1, 2014

Promotion Ceremony

 Nate was promoted to Lt. Col. on Wednesday!
He asked his boss Doug to officiated the ceremony.
 The boys and I pinned on his rank.
 Both of the boys were bound and determined to put the shoulder boards on and button them back!
 I think Ethan thought it was a competition.  He was smiling because he "won."  
 Nate's speech was very sweet!  AND...I got some beautiful flowers!  

My besties!  We are super lucky to have some great friends!
Nate had an amazing turnout of friends and coworkers!
We had a great group of kids too!  
I was able to find someone to make him a cake with buttercream and almond extract!  
The best part is there were lots of leftovers!  
The promotion ceremony was terrific!  

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