Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend!

 I have declared this weekend Mother's Day Weekend.  I just don't think one day is enough!  I started on Friday with a Mother's Day lunch with Lincoln.  The school invited the mothers for lunch.  Lincoln was excited to have me, but Ethan wanted to spend the time with his friends.   
So, I gave him a quick hug and let him alone!  
 On Saturday, we started our morning off watching Ethan's baseball game!  He made an amazing play at second base and got the runner out on first!  It was such a great play!  After the game, we drove to France and bought a set of everyday dishes!  We go the green, red, blue, and brown dishes behind Ethan!  They are amazing!  I have been wanting them for about two years now!
 The Michel Streissel store is my favorite store in Soufflenheim!  His colors and patterns are gorgeous!
 We were lucky to have Bri and Julian join us for the afternoon!  It so much fun with friends along!
Tomorrow we are joining our other neighborhood friends at our village's restaurant for brunch!  
We have the best friends!  It's so fun celebrating with good people!  

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