Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nimes, France

 We drove to Barcelona, so we stopped on Thursday in Nimes, France.  It's an old Roman City.
The most impressive thing about this city is that it has an intact amphitheater from 70 ad.

They still do two bullfights a year.
The city was restoring the arena.  It was really cool to see the work in progress.
 This was our hottest day so far.  I enjoyed splashing the kids while we walked to our next stop.
The Maison Carree was built in 16 BC and patterned after the Roman Pantheon.  The inside is now a huge theater.  They show a 30 minute video of the Roman history of the city.  
 We did not count on the city being as small as it was.  We walked it in about an hour and had hours to spare before restaurants opened for dinner.  They did open an hour earlier than Barcelona, but 7:00 was still hours away.  We enjoyed a park and a coffee.  We explored a bit more and then had dinner!  
We ended our night at our hotel TERMINUS!  Crazy enough the hotel was about as bad at Walking Dead's Terminus.  The walls were paper thin and our beds were like cots!  It was so nice returning home last night!  We have a whole weekend to relax before we return to our normal schedule!

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