Saturday, April 12, 2014

Barcelona Day 3

 We got a later start on day three since we were staying up later at night!  We were all amazed at the vending machine in the subway!  They had a full size Sunny D in there!
 By the time we got to Park Guell, we had to wait two hours until we could officially get into the Gaudi part of the park.  We tried to find some shade and relax until our entrance time.  

 We walked up and found a great view of the city.
 FINALLY, we got in to the Gaudi part of the park.  The tile work was very pretty!
 The famous lizard!!
 The boys faking some love!  

 The little boys playing with a roley poley.  

We finished the park and walked down to the gothic area.  We walked back to the area around our hotel and had a great tapas dinner.  We were beat and tired, and I forgot to get pictures!!  

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