Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The Leaps and the Gabrielskis hit Barcelona for Spring Break this year.  We decided to continue our Spanish Spring Break tradition.  On Saturday, we headed to La Sagrada Familia. 
 This church is under so much scaffolding.  It was impossible to get a picture without a crane, scaffolding, or tarps.  We had PLENTY of time to look at the outside as we had to stand in line for a few hours before we were able to enter the church.
 Once inside, it was worth the wait.  The church is very interesting and modern.  
 I loved the altar and the many staircases!  
 A final peak before we headed to our next destination.
 We had tickets to an evening Flamenco show, so we walked to Poble Espanyol.  
It is a unique artisan village with lots of shops and restaurants.  
 The boys were just happy to be together!
So were Jess and I!
 We found a glass blowing demonstration right before dinner.  
We could have watched these guys for hours!
 But....tapas and sangria awaited!
 The boys had a HUGE bowl of pasta for their appetizer and then had chicken strips and fries for their main course.  It was so much food and they ate like champs!
 The Flamenco dancers and singers were great!
We passed the HUGE fountain at Montjuic on our way to dinner.  
We saw that they had a light show until 9:00 pm.  
 We made it just before it finished for the night!
It was a great end to our first day in Barcelona!

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