Monday, September 2, 2013

Sound of Music

We booked a Sound of Music Tour with Bob's Tour Company.  The tour was SUPER small.  It was the five of us, a couple from Florida, and our tour guide Beatrice.  
Our tour guide picked us up at our hotel and took us to see the Salzburg Fortress.   The boys were so happy that they had their DS'.  They took pictures all day!
Next stop was Leopold's palace.  This is where they filmed the outdoor balcony
 scene and the canoe tipping scene.   
The gazebo used to be here, but they moved it because the house is private property now.  
The boys really wanted to see the trees the Von Trapps were climbing!  The trees have really grown!
 The gazebo was locked!  She told us that too many people were injured dancing on the benches, so they locked it up!

Beatrice (behind the tree), told the boys they couldn't climb the trees from
the movie, but they could climb this tree!
We drove by the house they used to film the front of the house.
Again, it is private property so we took our picture from the van.

Here the path where Maria sang, "I have confidence in me."

Beatrice played the soundtrack while we were driving around.  I think it made Link a little tired!

Thankfully, we had a fun stop at a Rodelbahn!  This was so much fun!

We worked worked up and appetite.  Our next stop was at a restaurant!  The views from the restaurant were gorgeous.  The film crew used helicopters and filmed these mountains for the opening scene.

Beatrice told us that the Abbey would not let the film crew film the wedding at their church, so they found a church nearby.  It was gorgeous!!!
There was so much gold in the church!
Just like Maria and the Colonel!
We had such a great morning!  We were all in such a good mood.  I was so excited to get to Mirabell Gardens and get some fantastic pictures.....until Beatrice dropped us off at the street and said, "Auf Wiedersehen."  I was shocked!  She wasn't going to take us back to the hotel.  
Thankfully, Nate reassured me that we would be fine!  
We found the hedge and the boys and I ran through for some pictures!
We also found St. Peter's cemetery where the Von Trapps hid in the movie.  
(Well, it was recreated in Hollywood from this cemetery)
We did find a taxi and headed back to the hotel.  
We got up early the next morning to do some more Sound of Music touring.  Nate and I did some research and found the hill from the movie where she teaches the kids "Do, Re, Mi."  It was literally in someone's back yard.  It was also pouring down rain!  Nate and I ran (quietly) and took this picture.   Come to find out it's the hill right next to this one....which we didn't get in a picture.
This is the fountain where Maria splashed the water.  This fountain is HUGE.   Mar and I actually lost Nate and the boys as they were walking around the fountain!
Nate glanced up and saw this sign by accident.  Maria and the kids were singing in the wagon and drove by this store!
We didn't make it to the Abbey, but we got a great shot of it from the fortress!
The Mozart Bridge where Maria and the kids are singing "Do, Re, Mi."  
Here's one more fountain from the movie!!!  
This was a SOUND OF MUSIC weekend!  We had so much fun.  We sang all weekend!  The fellas have been singing too!  The city is gorgeous, but tying it to the movie made it so much better!

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