Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kulinarische Wanderung

The boys and I went on a Culinary Hike last year (Nate was working).  We had so much fun.  
I have been watching for the flyers announcing this year's walk!
We had plans to meet up with a bunch of neighbors yesterday, but it rained all day.  It rained on and off today, but we really wanted to go!  So, we donned our rain jackets and headed out after church!
There were eight food stations on a 6K loop.  
We skipped the first food station (pasta) and headed straight over to the Flammkuchen stop.  
Flammkuchen is a popular Alsatian dish of thin dough, ham, onions, and a creme fraiche.  We love Flammkuchen.  The boys are not fans of the onions and end up picking them off!
We knew there was no way we were going to make the 6K hike with both boys today and we all wanted to take a nap and watch a movie this afternoon.   So the boys got out the map and found the dessert stop!  We skipped stations 3-6, and found a short cut to get some yummy dessert!
I remembered to take a picture of Nate buying the dessert.
But, the fellas inhaled it so fast there were no photos!  The dessert was called a Rostige Ritter.  It was a yummy fried dough in vanilla and chocolate sauce.  Ethan compared it to French Toast.  I googled it a few minutes ago to find out what it was made from and google translated it to French Toast!  
He knows his French Toast!  
This stop was next to a bridge.  They were smart enough to put tables under the bridge!  
We stayed dry here!

Everyone's bellies were full!  Next stop---bouncy house for the boys!  
We spent about two hours walking, eating, and bouncing.  I can't imagine how long it would have been if we had done the entire 6K.  It was super fun and I can't wait for next year!

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