Monday, September 23, 2013

First Day of First Grade (again)

We found out about two weeks ago that enrollment was up in Kindergarten so Lincoln's 1st Graders would be getting a new teacher.   Today was the "Big Switch."  
 We were all really bummed out that he would not have Mrs. Hudnall and Mrs. Hall again.  In fact, I got a call on Friday that he was crying.  It broke my heart!  
Thankfully, all of his best friends would be moving with him!  
 These boys are inseparable! 
 Nate had a comp day today and he was able to go with me to visit the classroom!
 His new teacher, Mrs. Smith, has 29 years of experience.  I think they are in good hands!!
This smart board is the coolest thing.  The kids find their picture.  Then, they move their picture to either hot lunch or sack lunch to let the teacher know how many are buying lunches!  
Mrs. Hudnall shared some work so that Mrs. Smith would have stuff for her walls.  
Me and my dad and Ethan like to play Super Luigi.  We defeated all the boards.  Bowser's castle was hardest and we defeated secret entrances on the 2nd board.

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