Monday, February 25, 2013

The Red Folder

Ethan's daily folder had a BIG rip in it and I had been promising him all week that we would go to the BX on Saturday and get him a new one.  We were super busy on Saturday with basketball and it slipped my mind.  I promised that we would go Sunday.  On the way to church that is all he talked about.  After church, he wanted to go straight there.  We had lunch first and then hit the BX.  He pulled out the bin of folders and went through each color thoughtfully!  RED!  
He talked about that folder all the way home.   He was very excited to move the old papers over to the new folder.  We called Mar last night to chat and that was the first thing he told her!  I GOT A NEW FOLDER!  This morning at the bus stop, he told Ms. Shana, "I got a new folder!"  I am glad that he still gets excited about the little things!  A new red folder!!! 

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