Saturday, February 16, 2013


 Nate and Ryan headed to Switzerland to ski, so the boys and I joined Erica for some winter fun!
 Our first stop was Linderhof Palace.  
No photos were allowed, so we just got some of the beautiful scenery!
 This place was gorgeous!!!
 Erica and I got a picture in between the snowball fight that the boys were determined to have!
 Stinky Jones was so slow!
 After the Palace, we headed to Olympic Village and played in the snow.

 We told Lincoln that we were going to make him go to the top and sled down!
 We had another snowball fight!
 Then the boys sledded down on their bellies, and backs, and bottoms for a while.  We left the sled in the car that Nate took!
We caught this guy eating snow.  Thankfully, it wasn't the yellow snow!
Tomorrow we are sledding all day!

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