Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day on the Mountain

 I feel like I am commercial for Edelweiss, but we would stay there again just for the breakfast!  All you can eat AMERICAN buffet.  American being the key word.  I have to say that I am not a fan of the European breakfast.  I think it's the cold cuts.  I don't like cold cuts for breakfast.  The fellas chowed down every morning.  Yesterday, Ethan had three plates full.  Today, Lincoln had two plate fulls and three bowls of oranges.  He needed that breakfast to keep him going today!
 After our hearty breakfast we took a gondola up to the top of the Zugspitz (highest point in Germany). The fog and snow made it basically a white out for us.  In fact, I had no clue how this picture was going to turn out.  I just clicked!  
 This was another blind shot.  I just stuck my camera off the ledge and clicked.  You could not see this with the naked eye.  The fog and wind and snow made it too hard to see anything!  
We are really high up!
We had super high hopes to make it to the sledding slope and just sled all day there.  However, the only way you could sled was using their T-bar and their tiny sled.  The guy wouldn't even rent it to us because he said the boys were too little.  So, we ate lunch on top of the mountain and then saw a little hill we could sled down.  The problem was it took you right into a massive crowd of people who were getting ready to eat at the restaurant.  We tried it once to say that we did some sledding on the Zugspitz.  
Then we took the gondola back down.  On the way up, we waited in line for over an hour.  Once we we made it to the gondola we were packed in there like sardines.  I have such bad crowd claustrophobia that I almost passed out on the way up the mountain.  So, we made sure that we were first in the gondola on the way down so that I could stand by the window.  I got some really pretty pictures on the way down.  On the way up, all I could see were the jackets of the 30 people crowded around me!  MUCH better on the way down! 
 We headed back over to the sledding hill at Olympic Village that we went to yesterday. 
 Poor Nate carried all three sleds up about a million times!
 Lincoln became quite the daredevil, so Nate started going up with him.  I had to climb about half way to help Ethan.  He went down really fast one time and never got the courage to go up very far again.  The hill was SOOO steep and slippery that he couldn't get on the sled without sliding down.  
I had to sit to hold the sled for him.  
 Once he went down, I had to slide down on my bottom!
 The boys took a few runs together!
 I wish this picture had sound!!!!  We sledded for about an hour and a half and Nate and I had to drag them to the car.  It was 5:00 and they were still wanting more!  
We used so much energy today!  We all were excited about REAL hamburgers at Edelweiss!  We have not had a real hamburger (McDonalds doesn't count) in EIGHT months!  They were delicious and just what we needed after our busy day on the mountain!
Tomorrow we are heading to the famous Neuschwanstein castle!

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