Monday, February 18, 2013

King's Castles

Sunday night, we drove about an hour north to Fussen, Germany and stayed at a hotel near Neuschwanstein castle.  
 We had a tour scheduled for the following morning, but we had to drive and get a peak of the castle at night.  It was breathtaking!Castle Hohenschwangau is across the "street."  It was also gorgeous at night.
 As we got closer to our hotel we noticed this castle which is called the Gothic High Castle of Fussen.  This is the view from our hotel room.  Gorgeous!!!

After breakfast, we took a horse drawn carriage to the top of the Neuschwanstein.  It sounds more romantic than it was.  It was really, really, really cold and it saved us about 30 minutes of walking up hill in the cold!
The castle was so pretty!  
 We waited outside and took a lot of pictures before our tour started.
I think their toes and fingers were completely frozen by now!Once again, the castle said no photographs.  
We were at the back of a HUGE tour of people, so I snuck quite a few pictures.
While we were listening to the audio tour in this room, BOTH boys turned and said, "WOW there are 600 candles in the chandeliers!"  They had such a good time on the tour. 
This was a view from one of the upstairs rooms.  

 As we left the castle, we saw the kitchen.  I think it was ok for me to take pictures here.  :)

We were a little warmer and it was downhill, so we took the scenic trail down to the town.  

Here is the Hohenschwangau Castle that we took pictures of last night.  We still had a big drive back home so we are saving this castle for the next time we come back.  
We all agreed that we are definitely going back!!! 
This shot was taken as we left the cute little town!  

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