Friday, August 17, 2012

Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe (especially Germany) has been a huge adjustment.  Most people drive tiny cars or motorcycles and I have my eight passenger Honda Pilot!  
 On our way to the black forest, our road was closed.  The GPS detoured us down this TINY road!  I actually thought it was a bike path!  A van started coming towards and I had to get off into the grass so that we both could make it down the path.  
This is a picture of one of the MANY 180 degree turns that are all over the place.  The funniest thing is that the speed limit is usually 62 miles an hour. 
Tonight, Rachel and I went to dinner in this town that is on a hill.  My car fit perfectly on the road.....only my car!  I about screamed when I saw a huge city bus coming towards us.  I pulled over and held my breath!  We made it! 
Germany has many little bitty roads that you can safely drive about 30 mph on.  Then, all of a sudden you get on to the autobahn and have unlimited speed limits.  On our way to Brussels, we drove 80 and were passed by cars like we were standing still!  
I don't know which roads are worse!  

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