Saturday, March 5, 2011

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

We made it to the wax museum today because I was able to get some cheap tickets from groupon!! Last week, the museum added ALL 44 Presidents. My little history buffs were excited!
When the boys made it into the room with Lincoln, it was packed with people. We hung out awhile and let the room clear, and then let the kids have their time with Abe Lincoln. We had to "encourage" them to leave this room!
The figures were so life-like!
We had another exciting moment when the fellas saw Martin Luther King. Jr.
One of the things that was so cute about the boys was when I asked them to smile for the camera, they held the hands of the figures. It was so cute!
The very last room had the Presidential Podium,
the oval office,
and a picture of 46 Presidents (including two future Leaps).
Julia Roberts greeted them while they were resting, but they were unimpressed with her. They were unimpressed with all the celebrities. Nate and I were looking around and saw the boys literally push Evander Holyfield. He started swaying and I thought we were going to be in big trouble, but luckily he didn't fall!
Once we were finished with the museum, Link asked to walk through the Presidents ONE MORE TIME. We went back to Abe Lincoln and left. He saw a souvenir shop across the street. The boys got a top hat and place mat with the Presidents. They were super happy! We have decided to plan another trip to Ford's Theater in the next few weeks. Link wants to see where Abe Lincoln was shot!

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