Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ford's Theater

We have been promising Lincoln Leap that we would take him to visit Ford's Theater for weeks. The last time we were there , Link was not into it at all! In fact, I barely was able to listen because he was so talkative.
Luckily, Mar, Nate, and I had been there before and seen the Petersen House, where they took Lincoln after he was shot. Today, it was under construction.
On this visit, we got the audio tour. They also had the museum open (which wasn't open last time.)
The boys really wanted to hear every word on the audio tour. They loved hearing about John Wilkes Boothe.
Lincoln wanted to see what was in that book.
On the audio tour, there was a youth tour and an adult tour. For the most part they were in sync. I noticed that Ethan was behind us for some reason. I asked why he was so behind and he said, "I wanted to learn more about Mary Todd, so I hit 30." He cracks me up!

This was the bloody pillow from the Petersen house. We were all fascinated that someone had the foresight to keep this.
We ended the tour in the theater.

As we were leaving we saw Mary Todd and I "talked" Lincoln into getting a picture with his wife. He was a little shy!
I read a few weeks ago that Lincoln had a weekend cottage. There was an hour long guided tour. We are not a huge fan of hour long guided tours, so we decided to see if we could just drive by and get a picture. It's on the Armed Forces Retirement Home, so we had to show our ID to get onto the property. Apparently, taking picture in front of the house is frowned upon. As you can see by the sad faces, we were asked to either join the tour or leave the premises.
As we were "leaving the premises," I snapped one quick photo. Nate kindly waved to the security guard, AKA Paul Blart's brother, as we left!
We had such a great week with Mar.

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