Monday, March 14, 2011


Exactly seven years ago, Nate, Marilyn, and I attempted to see Gettysburg. My car broke down about 10 miles outside of Gettysburg, and we didn't make it there. Yesterday, we finally made it to Gettysburg!
This time we added to fellas! Our neighbor loaned us the audio tour. It was so nice!
We did lots of driving, but stopped at a few key spots to look around and explore.
Our first stop was the Visitor's Center. Ethan picked out this Union hat.
Everyone took turns wearing it on our trip!
There were so many beautiful stops! I got some cute pictures of my babies!
We drove for about two hours. We saw and heard lots of interesting facts from the Civil War. We ended the trip where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address! It only took SEVEN years, but we finally made it!!

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