Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sixth Grade Wax Museum

Ethan's history's class chose different figures that have made a big impact in the world and then dressed up as them last Friday.  Classes and parents came by to learn about these figures.
Ethan chose the Jazz Musician Wynton Marsalis.
His classmates really enjoyed this project.  They all dressed up and memorized some lengthy presentations for their audience!  
 Ethan's buddy, Zach was Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters.
 All the parents got a giggle when Dr. Dre introduced himself.
 Easy E and Ice Cube.
 J. Lo was present along with her friend 
a musician from the early 1900s. (I can't remember her name). 
Ethan's friend, Emma, was the Jazz Musician, Dinah Washington.  
2016 Dinah Washington wore a sweet pair of Chuck Taylor's!  

 Ethan giving his presentation to my friend Linda. 
Hip Hop Duo, Rakim and Erik B. 

I was super impressed with the whole group!  They did an excellent job!

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