Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Dance

Ethan had a Spring Dance last night.
 Nate, Lincoln, and I were there to chaperone.  Nate and I ran the photobooth. 
My PTSA ladies!

Ethan and his 6th grade friends!

The dance started off with a lot of sitting.  
 By looking at this picture you would think Ethan is dancing with this girl, but NO.  
He would be chasing her!  haha!
 My fellow chaperones. 
 Towards the end of the dance, a song came on and all the kids climbed up 
on the bleachers and started singing.  I am so old. 
 I had no clue why they were doing this or what the song was, but it was funny.
 Hanging out with friends.  
 We had a few gift baskets.  They were a good hit!  It was SOOO fun being able to go to my kid's dance and watch him with his friends.   We had a great time.

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