Sunday, March 27, 2016

Miami Day One

 We were super excited to go to Miami for Spring Break.  Our first day was super chilly, so we went to do an airboat ride on the Everglades. 
 We definitely needed ear protection and sweatshirts!

 My buddy wanted to sit on the edge.  I made sure to hold on tightly!  
 It was cold and loud!

 Our boat driver/guide was great!
 We saw two alligators Haley and Scar!

 After our tour, we found a local Cuban restaurant right close by.  
We enjoyed a couple guava empanadas.  
 We all LOVED the frita.  
 We enjoyed a drive to the Biscayne Key to see their light house and run around a bit.
 The boys did some exploring.  
We ended our evening enjoying some fresh crabs on South Beach.  

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