Saturday, March 1, 2014

Garmisch weekend

 Over President's Day weekend, we went to Garmisch.  Nate went skiing on Saturday and the boys and I went touring around.  One of our first stops was the reptile house in Oberammergau.  
 It was a very small house, but it had some really cool animals!
 This guy was my favorite.
 We walked around the little village.  The fellas found the candy shop very quickly!
 They also found this movie studio/museum.  It was closed, but I bet we stood here ten minutes looking in the window!  I had to drag them away!  
 It was a GORGEOUS day!  We were able to eat outside and enjoy the view!
 We stopped at a craft store to look around.  They found lots of things that they HAD to have!!
 We had big plans to do some hiking on Sunday.  The weather stopped all of those plans.  It rained all day!  We decided to drive into Innsbruck for the morning.  We were hoping we could walk around and stop in a coffee shop.  EVERYTHING was closed!  So, we did a quick drive around the city.
 It was pretty, but the weather was horrible!
We drove back to Garmisch for lunch.  It was cool seeing where the snow turned into rain on the mountain.  We had a great time.  This winter has been so crazy.  It was such a bummer that there was NO SNOW for sledding!  Hopefully, next year we will have an actual winter!

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