Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Challenging Spelling Words

Lincoln has a spelling test every two weeks.  He usually knows the 1st twenty words and doesn't need any help.  His teacher gives the class three bonus/challenge words.  Those are the words we usually need to focus on.   This week's words are "require, environment, and slimy."  

Me:  Spell environment.
Link: E-N-V-I-R-O-N-M-E-N-T
Me:  Perfect.  Spell slimy.
Link:  S-L-I-M-Y
Me:  Great!  Spell require.
Link: R-E-Q-U-I-R-O
Me:  Requiro??  Huh?  Try again.
Link:  R-E-Q-U-I-R-M
Me:  Requirm?   Where did you get M?  
Link:  Well, how does it go?
Me: There is a silent E.
Link:  R-E-Q-U-I-R-M-Silent E????

Oh Link.  You're so cute!!!

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