Monday, March 24, 2014

A weeks worth of stories

Nate and I have been watching five seasons of the Big Bang Theory on the computer for the past few weeks, so my blogging has been very minimal.  This means that I have LOTS of Link stories to share.

The first has to do with this fancy pirate hat.  His teacher was very proactive and sent out a memo detailing the Doctor Seuss activities that the children would be participating in.  They included mismatched sock day, polka dot/stripe/star clothing day, dress as a book character, and make your own paper hat day.  Link spent a long time making this pirate hat.  On Tuesday, the designated day, he wore his hat to the bus stop and I noticed he was the only one with a hat.  The next day, he and Ethan wore mismatched socks and shoes.  No one at the bus stop was mismatched.   I pulled the memo out after I dropped them off at the stop and realized Dr. Seuss week was the following week.  Ooops.  Well, they had a half a week of practice!  

Link's math skills are really improving rapidly.  I noticed on Saturday, as we were waiting to pick Ethan up from a sleepover, that he was doing elapsed time.  He calculated that we had 23 minutes until Ethan was due to arrive.  I complimented him on his math said I was very proud that he could do this.  He said, "Well, I have LOTS of practice.  My friends at school are always asking me how many minutes until snack time!"  Nothing like a food motivator to work those math skills!

He was VERY sick Thursday evening.  He threw up all night.  On Saturday, we called my mom and were chatting and I heard him tell her that he had swim practice before he got sick.  He thinks he was just sea sick from swimming.  

The last funny story is related to his illness.  He is always very lovey and snuggly, but this weekend he was especially snuggly with me.  Nate told him that he was definitely Mommy's boy this weekend and he said, "Well, she loves me more than you do because she gave birth to me."

He is such a character.  AND for all of you wondering if he is still going to be a pirate when he grows up, he has decided against it.  Apparently, pirates die too much!

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