Monday, October 14, 2013

Warsaw, Poland day 2

 We saw most of the historic old city on day one.  
We decided to take the boys to a science museum on day two!

 The boys were so excited.  
 There were tons of exhibits!  The boys loved trying each one out.  
The parents did too!  

 Jessica found a mirror that changes how to see your body.  She showed me this sign and we both were shocked at the last sentence.  Wow!  

 We spent s few hours at the museum and decided to explore a bit more of Warsaw.  
The fall colors were amazing!
We went to a huge park with a palace.  We walked around a bit and then decided we should head back to the hotel.  We were all exhausted!  My dogs were barking! 

 On our way home, Lincoln found his car!
This Culture and Science building was right across from our hotel.  
 Our hotel.  
 We officially wore these munchkins out this weekend!  We had so much fun meeting up with the Gabrielski's and crossing another capital off our list together!

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