Monday, October 14, 2013

Warsaw, Poland Day 1

The Leaps met the Gabrielski's in Warsaw, Poland this weekend!
It's been months since I had some Jessica time!  
(standing in front of Chopin's house)
Most of the city was destroyed in World War II.  They have tried to rebuild the city.  
They used paintings to recreate buildings.  

Thank goodness we had Jessica and her AMAZING Polish language skills!  Nate and and I were so impressed that she has learned so much Polish in only a year.  
Prime example....she could read this sign NO PROBLEM!

One word she taught me about a year ago was Drugie Sniadanie.  It means second breakfast!  I love saying it (and do on a weekly basis).  I was so happy that we actually had
 Drugie Sniadanie on our first day!

 The boys loved Drugie Sniadanie too!

Nate took the lead on this trip.  He researched Warsaw and found a walking map of the old town!  We were able to walk and see most of the sights on his map.

 We tried to stop and have boy time too!
The awesome fall leaves made it easy to have a leaf fight!
Ms. Jessica got into the fun too!
 Nate found a bell that you should walk around three times for good luck!

Parts of the old town wall were left standing.

We also walked by Madame Marie Curie's house. 
 (I dressed up and gave a report of her in the 3rd grade.)

 The Gabrielski's have to get their water from a city well.  Lincoln was very concerned that we would have to drink water from a well.  We found a city well and the boys took turns trying it out!
EVEN Lincoln!

The highlight of Nate's trip was eating pierogies!  We had them twice!

These signs were all over the city.  They marked places where Hitler's army killed Polish people.  
At this sight 430 died.  

There were lots of Ninja fights all over the city too!

We ended our first night at Warsaw HardRock Cafe!  The burgers were great!  

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