Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oktoberfest 2013

 We hit Oktoberfest yesterday!
 Last year we went to Volksfest in Stuttgart in our jeans and felt so out of place!  This year we purchased Lederhosen and a Dirndl and went in true German style! 
 Monday was pretty tame.  In fact, we saw two school groups!  
There is NO way I would send my kids to Oktoberfest for a field trip!
 We went straight the Hofbrau tent and luckily found an empty table.
 The place was pretty empty.  About an hour later, it was almost full!
 We ordered potato pancakes, applesauce, and a roasted chicken.  
 This was the crowd when we left the tent!  It was crowded!
 Right as we walked out, the Hofbrau horses were walking by.
 We did a little exploring.
 We stopped to peek in a few other beer tents.
 After Herr Schuster told the boys that many children die from bumper cars, they had to give it a try.  Ethan actually hit is nose pretty hard on the steering wheel.  Maybe they do!
They went into a crazy house!

 This crazy man loved it!
 It was FREEZING!  I bought an edelweiss scarf to warm my neck from the skimpy Dirndl!
 The boys found a ginormous slide.  They ran up to get their mats and a German man started talking to them in German.  Lincoln looked at him and said, "Sprechen sie English?"  The man smiled and said, "Can you carry that mat?"  Link smiled and then ran up to ride with Ethan!  
We were cold and wanted to see more of Munich, so we ended Oktoberfest with a fun slide ride!

We stopped at St. Michael's church to see King Ludwig's tomb.

 His whole family was here.  The boys love King Ludwig!
 There were two tiny tombs and Lincoln said that there must be a hobbit buried in there.  
 The New Rathaus was amazing!  You can see the Glockenspiel here.  
We weren't around for it to chime.  
 Next we walked over to the Feldherrnhalle.  Here Hitler was arrested and sentenced to prison.  
 We were completely frozen by this point in the day.  So, we headed to the hotel to thaw out!
I think I could stare at the these boys in their Lederhosen all day!  They were so adorable!  
As Nate would say, "We checked another thing off the list!"  Oktoberfest, CHECK!

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