Friday, August 16, 2013

The Never Ending Gorge Trip

 We went to the Partnacklamm Gorge today.  We had heard such good things about it.

 There was a tiny path through the gorge.

 It was warm, but we wore jackets to keep us dry.
 There was a 20 minute walk to the gorge and then then a 20 minute walk through the gorge.  
 We had heard that instead of walking back through the gorge you could walk over the gorge.  
The problem was there were no clearly marked signs.

 We had discussions about if we were going the right direction at the 30 minute mark, the 45 minute mark and again at the hour point (where there was finally a sign).  
At this point, I couldn't turn around.  We had to keep going.
 The hour walk was not what was killing was the UPHILL hour walk!
 Nate got a little slap happy and did the Sound of Music dance!
 I acted like I was taking pictures for the blog....really I was just stopping to catch my breath!  
 At the THREE hour point (yes, THREE mostly uphill HOURS), we heard some sheep with bells.  
 We looked to our right and there was a restaurant!  HALLELUJAH!  
At the hour point we were out of water!  We were dying!  
 We all refreshed with food and beverages!  
 This was the view from the restaurant.  
I swear we were at the top of that mountain a few minutes prior!
 After lunch, we made our descent down...and by down I mean STRAIGHT down! 

 The funniest part was that we ended up having to go back through the gorge.  We could have just turned around, but then I guess we wouldn't have seen the other 
five hours of walking up hill both ways!!  
We ended up back at the car six hours later!  
Our legs are dying, but we saw some amazing views!

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