Saturday, August 24, 2013

Barefoot Park

We have been talking about going to the Barefoot Park all summer long!
We asked Mar weeks ago if we she wanted to go.  She was up for it!  
The first stop was a freezing cold mud bath.  I was thinking she might reconsider right at the beginning.  I know Ethan and Lincoln almost did!  
Since we were already a mess we forged on!
There were a lot of balance beams.
The soft grass was so nice, but these rocks were pretty painful!
Next stop was a running creek!
Poor Lincoln got wet all the way up to his waist!  
Ahhhh cork!
After we made it through the rocks and creeks, the buddies ran and played 
on the wood bridges and beams.
We ended on a suspension bridge!  
Thankfully, there was a yummy Biergarten at the end of path!  

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