Saturday, May 25, 2013

Normandy, France

 We drove to Rouen, France last night.  This morning we got up and headed to Les Andelys.  The castle of Richard the Lion-heart is there!  I had to see it!  
 We were on a tight schedule so, we stopped and took some pictures from the neighboring hill top!
 We've only seen the Seine from Paris.  This is definitely a different view from Paris!
 Next stop, Omaha Beach!  

 Lincoln did not understand why we were at the beach in our coats!

 Nate and I were amazed that the soldiers had to get to the top of the hill through this mess!  
 The cemetery was a sight to see.   
 Here's a Caldwell from Texas.  

 Next stop was Pointe du Hoc.  This place was cool!  The boys brought their frisbees and loved throwing them in the wind.
 The soldiers had to climb a 100 meter cliff to get to the top.  The area is filled with craters from the bombs.  

 There were about ten bunkers and Lincoln LOVED exploring them.  
 This crater was enormous!  

 This is the cliff they climbed.  I can't imagine doing that!
 Some paragliders flew right over the area.  
 Next stop, McDonalds.......then Utah Beach.  

Tomorrow we are off to Mont. St. Michel!  

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