Friday, May 24, 2013

Field Trips

 Ethan had his last bowling field trip on Thursday.  Nate and I both were able to attend.  Not only have these kids bowling skills improved tremendously, their scoring has improved so much!  Mr. Woodfork kept the screens off and the whole class kept score on all four teammates for two games! 
 I was impressed!
 Little bit and I went to the zoo today for his field trip.  It was a whopping 37 degrees this morning!   We had a bit of sun, lots of rain, and some hail during the day.  We were freezing by noon and everyone was ready for the bus to show up!
 This zoo was pretty cool, though!  We saw a seal show, a bird show, and lots of cool animals.  
 Funny enough, the highlight for our small group of kids was the meercats. 
 In this picture, they are imitating the meercat!
 Mrs. Hall bought each kiddo a small stuffed animal  Lincoln asked if she bought a meercat.  
He cracks me up!
Here the fellas are hiding out from the rain and hail on the playground.  Mrs. Hudnall found the reptile house and we all hid out in the warm reptile house until the bus came!  Despite the yucky weather it was so fun to see how these guys have grown this year!  They have become such good friends!  I am so glad we have TWO more years here!

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