Saturday, May 18, 2013

Burg Eltz

 Germany is COVERED in rape seed right now.  It is used to make canola oil. 
 It's gorgeous anytime you see it, but when the sun hits these fields it's blindingly gorgeous!
 We stopped a few places to take pictures!
 As you can see, the fellas could have cared less.  They barely looked up from their DS' to smile at me!
 We made it to Burg Eltz for the second time.  The last time we came it was closed!
 The Eltz castle is privately owned by the 33rd generation of the Eltz family.
 The weather was great today!  It was partly cloudy and then ended up sunny by noon.
 Nate and I think this one reminds us of Hogwarts.  The boys disagreed.

 "Hey Mom, check out the river."  
 We ate lunch at the castle.  Unfortunately, LOTS of places in Germany only serve water "with gas."  Lincoln can NOT drink any carbonated beverages.  "They are too spicy."  
But, he can drink hot coffee with no sugar.  Go figure!
What in the world are we going to do when we move back and don't have castles to see on our drive home?  We don't even know what this one is.  CRAZY!  

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