Saturday, January 5, 2013

The face

For the past few months, Ethan has been doing the craziest voices and craziest faces.  It drives Nate and me insane!  I mean literally.....crazy!  We had been walking for over four hours during our Ancient Rome Tour and we just wanted one cute family photo before we left for lunch.  Marilyn took one with my camera and one with hers.  As we left the Coliseum, I look at my photo and this is the shot I got!  
 It is is a classic crazy Ethan face.  I was furious.  Nate was furious.  Mar was furious....well not really, but she was disappointed.  He tells us that he was yawning and none of us bought it.......until we got home that evening and put it on the computer.  Maybe he really was yawning.  After some apologies, we laughed and were super happy that Mar had her camera too!

This one is much better!!!!  Of course, that didn't stop him from making a ton more crazy faces the rest of the trip!
Luckily, most of the faces were not in our pictures!

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Daniel Kurland said...

When Ethan finally gets through his face phase, remember to tag the post for later so you can use it as blackmail when he brings a date home for dinner in 10 years.