Monday, January 21, 2013

Brussels, Belgium

 Memaw arrived on Saturday.  We learned our lesson from when Marilyn was here about starting a trip as soon as someone arrives.  We let Memaw have a day to rest and then headed to Brussels for an overnight trip.  When we left, the roads were snow covered and icy, but we trekked on.  The drive took us an extra hour, so when we arrived we were HUNGRY!  We started with mussels in Brussels!

 There was some serious snow!  Last time we were here there were flowers where they were standing!
The Grand Palace square was pretty even without the flowers. 
We had to show Memaw the Manneken Pis!
 Then, we started our food fun!  We stopped for waffles, chocolates, and beer!We went into at least three chocolate shops to decide what we wanted!  We left with lots of chocolate.  We were all cold and wet so we headed back to the hotel.  The boys snuggled up with Memaw and went to sleep.  Nate and I rented a movie and ordered room service next door!  It was nice!
For day two, we had planned on going to Mini Europe and the Atomium.  We figured doing the Atomium was worthless because of the foggy yucky weather.  We were excited to do Mini Europe.  We walked to the entrance and it was like Vacation.  We were the only ones running to the entrance, and it was closed......until March!  Yikes!  So, we got a early start home!  
We have a few fun day trips planned for this week.  It should be a nice week!

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