Friday, January 25, 2013

Heidelberg in Winter

 Unintentionally, we've taken Memaw to Belgium and to France.  
She leaves on Sunday and I figured we should get to her see something in Germany!
 Heidelberg is about an hour away.  It's definitely my favorite castle so far!
 This view is amazing, but with the snow it was so much prettier.
 Ethan took the camera and took quite a few pictures for us!
 This was my third visit and Nate's second visit.  To see everything at the castle you have to take a tour.  It seems we see different parts of the castle and hear different things each time we visit.  
 This fella was in RARE form today!  He was a giggly mess!  Here he is playing in the snow after we have asked him about ten times to get out of the snow!
 This is an open air toilet.   This is something that they they tell us each time we go on the tour!
 We spent a good hour or so at the castle and we were thoroughly frozen through!
We left and stopped a local restaurant to eat and warm up.  Marsha, Nate, and I had the best soup!  The boys had their usual....schnitzel!  Once again, we ordered too much food!  
So, we had some yummy bratwurst for leftovers tonight!

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