Thursday, May 10, 2012

Super Mario Bros.

First of all he says it "Super Mario Bros"... not brothers.  That is funny in it self, but I heard the best conversation on the way to school today.

His buddy G:  I messed up our Mario.  I had to start over and now I stuck on a level.
E:  My Daddy could do it for you.
G:  Why?
E:  My Daddy is really good.
G:  Why is he so good.
E:  I don't know.  He is just great!

On a bragging note:  He completed his Math Facts division levels today.  He moved on to "squares" (3²).   When he got home he was so pumped up about moving up to this level, he had Daddy sit down and practice with him.

He also has worked soooo hard on his batting swing.  He has had so many voices (coaches and parents) telling him how to stand, swing, and hold his bat.  It seems like the voices have come together and he GOT it!!  He hit in the cages tonight and did amazing!!!  

When I tucked him into bed tonight, he looked at me and said, "Mommy are you more proud of my math or my batting?"  Both sweet boy!  Both!!

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