Sunday, May 13, 2012

Florida take three

First off I want to apologize to anyone who took a quick vacation to Fort Walton this weekend.  It seems ANYTIME we try to visit there we bring horrible weather!  In fact this morning, Mark told us that every phone in there house went off with a weather advisory at 6:30 am.  Jill said that she can't remember the last time that happened to them.  OH...I do...the last time we visited!
 We hit the beach anyway!  Do you see what the tide did to the sand.  There was a 2 foot ledge.  Ethan loved jumping into the water!
 Ethan loved having Conner and Morgan at the beach.  Jill and Mark got the kiddos some fun beach toys.
 Conner helped build a sandcastle. 
Lincoln cried the ENTIRE time.  He kept saying, "My whole body hurts."  The wind was ferocious!
 I got so sick of hearing the whining!  I found his towel, wrapped him up and told him to keep his back to the wind.  It really helped.  
 Daddy tried to hold him, but it didn't work. 

 Morgan and Ethan loved the water.  They got a little too brave and Nate had to keep picking them up.  They got farther and farther out and started scaring the both of us.  So, we packed up and headed to the Brogans.  
 All four kids had some sort of video game or electronic device attached to them at all times!  
 We had a nice dinner at the Black Pearl.  Arrggghhh!
 We ended the weekend enjoying a great Mother's Day Brunch at the Hurlburt.  We may not have had the best weather, but we ate good!
These guys are like family!  We had a great weekend!

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