Monday, May 28, 2012

Lake Martin

 We went back out to the lake with the hopes of getting a boat!  We were successful!  Lincoln told Memaw and Pappy that driving the boat was a dream come true!!

 Ethan and Lincoln loved for the boat to go FAST!!!

 This crazy man kept gunning the boat!!
We docked the boat and had some lunch.  As we pulled up, Bob said someone is waving at us!  It turned out to be our buddies from home!

The boys found the ball and started playing monkey in the middle.

You have no clue how hard it was to get this picture....haha!
Me and Memaw got some good sun today!
The Linkster was worn out!  He ended up laying on the bench and "resting" for a few minutes.  Then he started getting (according to him) bored.   
I think the above to two pictures prove that they weren't bored for long!  They were just exhausted!  

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