Sunday, June 26, 2016

Vacation Bible School

This week we had Vacation Bible School at church. 
 I lucked out and was able to be one of the leaders in Link's class.  
They had some cool crafts this week.  I loved the throwback to the spirograph!
Ethan was a youth volunteer this year.  He was located in preschool crafts and loved it!
The youth are on the stage during snack.  We have an amazing youth group!
Future fourth grade boys do not sit with the girls!
That's ok because future fourth grade girls do not want to sit with the boys!
Big Ethan and little Ethan! 
Link's favorite time was outdoor games.  This was the nastiest activity.  Dirty sock game.  YUCK!  
It was a three day VBS and all three of us had the best time!  

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